How to Download Youtube Thumbnail

Thursday, April 21, 2022
How to Download Youtube Thumbnail

In this tutorial we will show and describe how to use Youthumb to download thumbnails from Youtube. Many Youtube videos have beautiful thumbnail pictures that would look nice either as wallpapers for computers or mobile phones.

First step would be to find the Youtube video for which you want the thumbnail. On computer you simply navigate to the video using your web browser. Then you copy the url for that webpage. Image showing you where to copy the youtube url using a web browser

Or if you are on mobile and using the Youtube app you can also copy the url using the share button. Image showing how to get the youtube url from the Youtube app

When you have got the url to the Youtube video you just navigate to Here you will see a input field which says Youtube Url. Paste the Youtube url you copied in that field. Image showing Youthumb and highlighting the input field to enter youtube url

You should now be navigated to the Youtube thumbnail for the Youtube video you wanted. You can now select the quality you want and download it using the Download Thumbnail button. A animated image showing how to select the different quality and the download button

Thank you for reading this tutorial and I hope you find the Youtube thumbnails you were looking for!

Enter Youtube Url to Find the Thumbnail Image