New Youthumb Blog for Tutorials and News

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
New Youthumb Blog for Tutorials and News

In this blog I plan to write about the plans for the blogs. Short summary the blogs will mainly be used to inform on news about Youthumb and the related products. I also want to use it to do some tutorials on how to use the product and some creative ways to make it even easier to find the youtube thumbnail you want to download.

Since this is my first blog post and I just want to start by saying thank you to everyone using this product. It have been a passion project for me for a long time and if you have used it for a while you might have noticed some small redesigns over the years. Since the start of the year I have added a privacy friendly analytics tool, Pirsch, and it have been so nice to see how many of you have been enjoying Youthumb. Here is a view of the analytics since it was added in January. I picture of the Pirsch dashboard showing the analytics for Youthumb

The way it looks like now Youthumb is very stable and I would not want to touch the core functionality of the website more. I do have some ideas for additions to the website and I would also like to hear if you got any inputs. You can contact me on twitter @vegardbjoersvik. Also since I are running this website for free I would be very gracious if you would like to donate a ☕️ to me at ☕️ Ko-Fi.

The next blog post will be tutorial on how to easily use Youthumb to find youtube thumbnails.

Enter Youtube Url to Find the Thumbnail Image